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Sacred-Washing: A definition.


I’m surprised no-one has come forward and coined this term before, (I even Googled it to be sure) so I will go ahead!

Sacred-Washing: Sort of like “Green-Washing” but even better! You can potentially have “sacred sex” or “sacred connecting” with anyone, for any reason, as long as its called “sacred” and the people we “connect” with are “Gods” or “Goddesses”. (more…)

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The Secret Lake and a hidden place

The Secret Lake, Beloved Festival 2014
The Secret Lake, Beloved Festival 2014 (Tidewater OR)

I got back from Beloved a few days ago and intended to post privately here about the journey, but I’m finding it impossible to put it into words. It’s all sticky in my heart and mind still. I guess I’m still processing what happened there. I’m still processing even deciding to go at the last minute and see my previous partner there, in his element, connecting with girls who gathered around him a lot. It would have been a lot easier if he’d been less visible. And constantly bumping into him was weird in so many ways. I fell apart a few times only to be gently and patiently gathered up by the only person who has ever really understood me and never left my side. With his support I was able to more gently face my fears, stand tall and be strong in my own being, enjoying the juicy bounty of my favourite festival in the Universe. It was overall an incredibly positive, healing, bonding and magical experience returning to Beloved this year, which I feel this image gives a glimpse of. The photo isn’t manipulated at all by the way, it really looks like this at night. All the installations at Beloved had the ability to take you to another world, because they were so fantastical and unreal… (more…)

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Decisions, decisions

In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety -Abraham Maslow

From my own experience so far in life I’m finding that I may as well step forward, every time. There is nothing safe in this world, it just feels safe until the illusion falls away, because nothing is permanent. I like the idea of stepping forward, because then it’s my choice, instead of being hurtled forward by the surprise of not being safe anymore. At least then, I can enjoy the illusion of feeling empowered and in control, through finally making the decision.

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Fidelity is a heroic achievement.


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Without suffering, would we have empathy?

The most beautiful people to be around are the ones with open minds

I know it’s not really related but it got me to thinking…

Do Psychopaths have a hidden suffering?

I often notice, with the surprising amount of sociopaths and psychopaths I’ve encountered in this short life, that they actually struggle with the inability to feel. They are willing to go to great lengths to feel something, even though nothing works, no matter how extreme their method progression runs. They are so intrigued by how much the rest of us feel and suffer that they often try to play with us and hurt us and watch us, like we are puppets… to try to imagine it, perhaps? (more…)

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You Are a Heart Being

heart being
Declare amnesty for the part of you that you don’t love very well. Forgive that poor sucker. Hold its hand and take it out to dinner and a movie. Tactfully offer it a chance to make amends for the dumb things it has done.

And then do a dramatic reading of this proclamation by the playwright Theodore Rubin: “I must learn to love the fool in me — the one who feels too much, talks too much, takes too many chances, wins sometimes and loses often, lacks self-control, loves and hates, hurts and gets hurt, promises and breaks promises, laughs and cries. It alone protects me against that utterly self-controlled, masterful tyrant whom I also harbor and who would rob me of human aliveness, humility, and dignity but for my fool.”

via Rob Brezsny’s Free Will Astrology

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My Life’s Ambition

One day you will learn to give and receive love like an open window, and it will feel like Summer every day.

Don’t follow the Summers; feel like Summer :)

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What if you always took the ‘what if’ path?

ladybugI’m just noticing that I don’t recognise my life at all anymore. Nothing feels familiar about it. At all… like I’m living a totally alternate ‘what if’ life. (more…)

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Livv(y)ing in Eden

naked life

This is where I live currently. That’s me, how I go about most days — which is mostly naked — and standing next to me is Cooper – not only my partner, but the inspiration and catalyst for the huge adventure I’ve embarked on. The biggest, most challenging, thrilling and rewarding adventure of my life so far, and we’ve only just started. I’ve taken a path I never in a million years thought I’d ever venture down. Ever.

In the past 2 months I have fulfilled more life fantasies and explored more challenges head on, and broken more wide open than I have ever had the courage to in all the days of my life combined. It’s been one crazy ride… I’m still processing the daily things that happen or I’d write more often.

Where to begin? Where did it begin? So much has happened…

In smaller news, I’m moving to Hawaii in a few months. The Big Island. And we’ll be taking all of this, and each other along.

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The Perfect Body Stereohype

I had noticed, though not paid much attention to this new fashion trend for women — no longer being pressured to look thin, but to have perfect cyborg bodies as if they were top athletes. Except that they’re not. To me its just another form of INTENSE pressure and control directed at women by the media and even fostered and encouraged by other women who do it, under the guise that “I will become more physically powerful and sexually appealing”. (more…)

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Yet Another Ancient Manuscript Claims Jesus and Mary Magdalene Were Married and Had Kids


ANOTHER manuscript from a different part of the world tells the same story. Makes a lot more sense than the claim of a lifetime of celibacy. Mary Magdalene wasn’t a prostitute. That was said to discredit her. Many manuscripts claim her as one of the disciples, his favourite disciple even. Unfortunately the books that made it into the Bible were canonized and translated by man, not God, so we should be less frightened we might be wrong and more open to revisiting which books written by women, some of whom claimed to also be disciples, should also be included in the Bible, along with MANY other manuscripts written by men and women that corroborate so many stories about Jesus that the church left out because it didn’t fit in neatly and tidily with the “Crucifixion Story” or the “Son of God / Holy Trinity” story. And instead of reading translations of translations of translations, we COULD get access to some of the originals stored under lock and key in the Vatican by insisting, and translate them again. Because quite frankly, there’s a whole lot of people on this planet who believe word for word a lot of bigoted, sexist, racist, narrow minded nonsense from some letters cobbled together (for the best political gain) and poorly translated, used as a political/power tool at the time it was made and since then, that has caused people to kill each other for centuries now. And instead, we could have a Bible that is rich with Truth. Something that would bring us all together, not separate us. Otherwise, what’s the point!

If Jesus ever does come back, he will probably have a fit like he did in the temple and burn a bonfire of Bibles that claim to be “The Word of God”.

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Couple Self-builds a Simple, Cozy, Tiny Home


As more and more people want to live simply and sustainably, so many tiny homes are popping up, but these days they are usually out of the box or another company has designed them. The price ranges are outside of many people’s budgets. Couple Jess and Dan designed and built theirs themselves, together, on the cheap from reclaimed wood and gently used stuff off Craigslist. They live in just 125sq ft of space, and its pretty obvious that theirs is a pretty close relationship focussed on the more important things in life. It’s very sweet, and encouraging to see. (more…)

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6 Ways to Make Getting Up Early Work for You

When you try to change your morning routine, several obstacles will stand in your way. It’s possible to overcome them, however; the key is to start the night before. Julie Morgenstern — time management expert and author of Never Check Email in the Morning — offers six strategies to make getting up early work for you.

early start

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Make Good Art

Are you creative? A photographer? Painter? Musician? A model? Or a makeup artist? A writer? Director? Designer? These 19 minutes will give you 19 years of energy and inspiration.
Neil Gaiman tells you how to get work and how to keep getting work, discusses the problems of failure and the problems of success, and ends by offering “the most important piece of advice” he ever got.
If you can carve out the time right now, watch the video right away; if you can’t watch it now, bookmark it. Whatever you do, don’t skip it.

YouTube Preview Image

Neil Gaiman – Inspirational Commencement Speech at the University of the Arts 2012

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How to get Windows 8.1 to recognise your Google Nexus 4, 5 or 7

You need to transfer photos and files to and from your Nexus but for some reason this process is not seamless with Windows 8. Here is the workaround: (more…)

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90% off Graphic Stock Coupon or 1 week free trial

massive discount code for graphicstock.comIt seems the folks who offered us a week of free stock video downloads at VideoBlocks.com are now offering the same sweet deal on free stock image downloads for a week. I downloaded tons of gorgeous stock photos, images and icons for a bunch of projects I’m working on for free all week from GraphicStock.com. I signed up and successfully cancelled my subscription within the week to see if the trail offer was safe and legit before promoting it. Now you can too.

GraphicStock 1 week free trial of unlimited downloads

However if a week isn’t enough for you, you can use my referral link to get 90% off Graphic Stock’s usual yearly plan – usually it costs $49 a month for unlimited royalty free downloads or $588 per year which is well worth it but way too expensive for my freelance business. The site is continually updated with gorgeous fresh stuff, and with the coupon code its entirely affordable.

Download from over 100,000 completely royalty free photos, illustrations and icons in high res and vector format to use in any project! Here’s a coupon for a 90% discount: http://graphicstock.refr.cc/277VT7K. Enjoy!

And if you’re looking for the same massive discount for royalty free stock videos, royalty free production music, AE templates & more – check out my other post.

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I have a Stellium (4 or more planets in a house) in my birth chart. What does it mean?

Joe Kennedy's Birth Chart

Do you have 4 or more planets in the same house? Your chart will show you if you have a few planets in a house. The chart above is of Joe Kennedy, with a stellium in the 12th house. President John F Kennedy had a stellium in the 8th house. If you have 4 or more in one house then your challenges are more than most in that area of your life or will be more exciting and super-charged than most in that area. (more…)

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Grammarly 1-week free trial

I use Grammarly all the time, for proofreading all project proposals, client emails and website content. It’s the best online proofreader – in my opinion – and also comes with a plagiarism checker, as well as a plugin for MS Office.

They have a 7-day free trial for a short time so we can try out their full membership offering.

Grammarly 1 week free trial coupon

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Treehouse 3 months free coupon!

Sweet! I’m totally self taught in the web design field so I’m fully in support of using whatever free resources are available to get into the field. I got news in my inbox that Treehouse is offering 3 months free for a short time, so grab it via this link: http://goo.gl/jZg4Z2

Treehouse deal

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Meet the Arctic 30

PETITION: Tell Russia to Release Greenpeace Activists

28 Greenpeace activists, a freelance photographer and a freelance videographer have been charged with piracy and hooliganism in Russian Courts. See their faces. Even though the Arctic 30 were granted bail, piracy and hooliganism charges are still in place. These charges carry with them maximum sentences of 15 and 7 years in a Russian prison.

Please join the Greenpeace activists in becoming an Arctic Defender. Sign their petition to Russia’s US ambassador demanding Russia release the activists, the immediate withdrawal of the Russian Coast Guard from the Greenpeace ship, and an end to offshore oil drilling in the Arctic for good.

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