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Are We Destined To Feel Alone In This World?

It is possible to be with someone you love for years and years, live with them every day, and feel completely alone. (more…)

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Anger, the enlisted mercenary within

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”
~ The Buddha

This morning I woke up angry. I’ve had moments of anger, hours and sometimes a day here or there feeling angry, throughout this process of letting go, but nothing like today. I knew that something massive had shifted inside me and that it was coming out, fast. I thought I was over feeling angry, that I was free and clear of it, I even blogged recently about how happy I was about being free of it, but I wasn’t able to see what was buried underneath the twinklings of anger I’d dealt with up until now. I don’t like it. It’s a dark, destructive, cancerous, vicious and even violent energy that I cannot hold inside, I mustn’t allow myself to feel satisfied or justified in this anger, I mustn’t hold onto it or it’ll tear me to pieces over years and years. I absolutely must resist all urges to let it pour all out like lava over someone else, whether it be a friend or my partner in a few years, even the people I feel angry towards. That kind of energy only attracts more of the same, as I vibrate with violent, chaotic anger. I want to attract peacefulness, unconditional love, bliss and patience into my life, and that can only come to me if I have that same energy inside me. (more…)

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Solar Power Without The Panels?

solar cell

Despite a significant boom in the demand for solar power and the sophistication of photo-voltaic technology, many people still reluctant to outfit their homes with the hardware that’s needed to take advantage of this free and clean source of energy.

What’s keeping the average home or business owner from taking advantage of the lower utility bills that solar power has to offer? Well, among other things, many are turned off by the idea of plunking large, bulky, black panels on top of their home’s roof.

Thanks to a new technology being developed by scientists at Georgia Tech University, the equipment needed to use solar power might become much more subtle in the near future. MSNBC recently reported that instead of using traditional solar panels, the Georgia Tech scientists are working to capture sunlight and turn it into electricity using fiber optics cables coated with zinc oxide, the same white compound lifeguards slather on their noses. The fiber optic cables, each one two to three times the width of a human hair, could be installed on the roof of a house, car or any other structure with almost total invisibility…

You can read the full article over at Care2 – Capturing Solar Power Without The Panels

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Nature Boy

Her voice always breaks my heart.

View it on YouTube.
Download this recording for free @ PomplamooseMusic.

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A Recent PhotoTraveLog

I recently took a month off to visit friends and family while I gathered my thoughts and figured out where I was heading. These photos were taken on my trip out of Marathon and back again. I rode trains, flew planes and sat in cars a lot. Here are some photos of things I want to always remember:

I found the backmost train car. It has a cute porch outside a door with an OPEN button. But alas it would not.

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Luv Deluxe

A FutureShort from my all-time favourites collection. Please enjoy in fullscreen mode.

Watch it on YouTube

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All Local Discounts Apply

Woohoo! Today I Became an Official Lone Star Stater! And not just a Texas resident, a Marathon Texas resident. This sleepy little desert town I live in boasts a population of 450, so small the trains speed through it without stopping at the old station, and there’s a grocery store called the French Grocer where I now qualify for a hefty local discount. I’m officially a Marathon Local! With a PO Box and everything. I love how that sounds. It’s certainly special to me. Marathon is now my homebase, where I hideout the winter cold, and travel from.

Marathon Texas Resident. All Local Discounts Apply

So this is my new drivers license (learners permit). I laughed when I saw the photo – taken just a startling minute after hearing I’d passed. I look so, haha, I guess bewildered? Like a deer in headlights. My old PA ID I look so radiant, sure of myself, cocky even. Even though this one is so lame in the self-confidence department, and one of the worst photos ever taken of me, I still prefer the new one. It has great memories of that day, and it’s bursting with adolescent dreams that weren’t remotely possible in my previous life.

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There's No Place Like Home

Even at Dallas International Airport. Meet my new shoes!

I call them home, as I will likely wear them nearly every day, until I wear holes through them, and then I’ll wear them a few months more as stones and cold fall through them, just like the last pair I travelled and snuggled through. Its hard to let go of old friends, but these ones made the transition a little easier.

I found them peeking out of a shelf, sparkling shyly at me with every sequin they could muster through the denim blue, and on their very last sale, at a store of ill repute. But I saw their beauty. A pair that fitted me with precise comfort and charm. Kismet. As I slipped them on for size they whispered that if I whisked them away from the certain hell of being shoved in the back of someone’s shoe closet, they would promise to introduce me to sparkly interesting people, light up the gloomy moments and perhaps even introduce me to someone unforgettably amazing. Yes! I squeaked, as I motioned over to the cashier with my prize and the last few bucks in my wallet. “I would give up sushi for these shoes,” I thought, but luckily I didn’t have to.

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A pretty goat in a spiffy coat

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